“Innovation sometimes starts with a small improvement. But a better-designed experience often comes about when you can transform a niche product to something broader that resonates with your customers.”
IDEO’s Tom Kelley, The Art of Innovation


“Several members of our choir have trouble holding their music up, especially the hymnal. But with the CHOROGrip this is no longer a problem. This is a great product.”
Bob Ramser, Choir Member
St. Leonard Church

“When I attached the CHOROGrip to my folder, I could hold the folder with one hand at the correct height and angle without fatigue to my hands and arms. I found turning the pages much easier, too!”
Steve Ramser, Choral Singer
The Louisville Chorus

“We got one of the binder grippers for each of our members for a recent concert and the chorus members loved how easy it made to hold the folder at a good level and angle.”
David Lindsay, President
VOICES of Kentuckiana

“I don’t mind holding a folder now!”
Chorus Member