Innovative New Product For Choirs & Choral Groups!

CHOROGrip features two innovative Products.

The Original CHOROGrip Strap

Ready To Use In 5 Easy Steps!

1. Snap one of the clips over the top outer edge of the spine of the book or binder as shown.

2. Snap the bottom clip onto the bottom outer edge of the spine.

3. Press the face surfaces of the hook and loop material together to form a secure, single strap.

4. Slide one hand under the strap as shown.

5. Adjust for comfortable fit.


New and improved eyelet fastener.  Makes the CHOROGrip Strap more durable and long-lasting.


CHOROGrip Ring Adapter

How Does It Work?

1. Place the Ring Adapter on the binder rings and close rings.

2. Simply lift one strand of the elastic band and pass the book or leaf beneath it to the centerfold.


1. The CHOROGrip Ring Adapters allow your sheet music to lay flat.

2. Each Ring Adapter holds up to six scores or booklets, octavo or letter size.

3. The Ring Adapter accommodates both standard 3-ring and the International 4-ring loose-leaf binder or music folder.

4. The fabric stretch cord makes it easier to slip your sheet music under the elastic cords.